Cona Coffee Maker – Size ‘D’ Chrome

Cona Coffee Maker – Size ‘D’ Chrome

Cona Coffee Maker - Size 'D' Chrome
Cona Coffee Maker

The “Cona” method of vacuum coffee brewing has been world famous for more than a half century. These unique and beautiful vacuum pots perform wonderful results when properly done.

Manufactured in England and available in different finishes, these ultimate cona vacuum makers denote quality with remarkable results. Its main feature is that the coffee is prepared entirely in glass where coffee has no contact with metal parts, or paper filters that would otherwise taint the full coffee flavor- giving you only a clean smooth taste.

Because Cona uses the vacuum coffee maker method of brewing , the coffee is automatically infused at the correct temperature, thus insuring the perfect extractions of oils and caffeine which give coffee its full taste. This method insures no bitter taste from over-extraction.

When occasions demand an added special touch for the coffee lover- Cona coffee makers will be the clear choice.

  • Size D (1Quart – 1.13 liter)
  • Unique and beautiful display unequalled by any other vacuum coffee maker in the world
  • Quality Glass construction where the coffee only touches glass for a untainted coffee experience
  • Attractive Chrome stand
  • Each Cona unit comes complete with instructions and ready for brewing. Just add denatured alcohol for the spirit lamp, ground coffee, and hot water

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