Trung Nguyen Gourmet Blend

Trung Nguyen Gourmet Blend

Trung Nguyen Gourmet Blend
A careful blend of 4 varieties (Arabica, Robusta, Chari aka Excelsa, and Catimor) that are grown in ideal environments across the Buon Me Thuot Highlands. The blend is incredibly fragrant and it fills the room with scents of spice, chocolates and fruit, and it’s a great coffee that should be brewed at 1 tablespoon per cup to preserve its fine balance. The trademark Trung Nguyen Gourmet Blend in the decorative box is an inexpensive introduction to the world of TN blended coffees. It is often the first TN coffee that people try, since it is the House Blend for the TN coffeeshops throughout Vietnam, and the most common coffee exported by TN.
Inside the box are mylar bags with CO2 vents for freshness (one bag in the 250 gram (~ 8.8 oz.)

  • Delicious, famous TN Trademark Blend of Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa and Catimor
  • Low Acidity
  • Medium Caffeine
  • Rich Flavor

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